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Training is at the heart of all that we do at Grand Resource Factory. We believe that a major contributor to transforming the unorganised domestic workforce into an organised industry is through extensive training and grooming. To this effect, Grand Resource Factory has developed an elaborate module for each of the support service resources that are placed through us.

Upcomning Courses:

Child Care and Development

9 Modules

The child care services module has been designed keeping in mind that the resource is thoroughly trained such that s/he is able to double up as the primary caregiver for the child.

Care for the Elderly

6 Modules

The Elder Care module focuses on ensuring personnel are sensitized towards providing care while making sure the elders' sense of self-respect is preserved. The module tries to train the resource in striking a fine balance between allowing the elder to remain independent while seeking assistance when required.

House Help - Cleaning and Other Chores

4 Modules

This module focuses on providing extensive training to resources who will work as maids in homes. The module will focus mainly on ensuring the resources develops a sense of affinity and belonging to the home and is able to contribute meaningfully to household chores.

Urban Cooking

6 Modules

This module focuses on ensuring domestic resources placed as cooks/chefs/butlers are able to accommodate to the requirements of the family and serve meals with love.

Driving Etiquette and Safety

5 Modules

This module focuses on making resources recruited as drivers/chauffeurs are cautious about road safety and traffic rules and regulations.

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