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At Grand Resource Factory, our Mission is to be a catalyst for change by aggregating and developing domestic resources to render professional services that are par excellence and grow as a reliable and quality organisation. We aspire to make our brand a unique symbol for 'Dignity of Labour' and an epitome of 'Customer Delight', globally.

Our Vision is to transform the unorganised domestic workforce sector into an evolving and organised industry with a skilled set of individuals exhibiting unparalleled service ethics, professionalism and the best business practises to ensure value for all stakeholders.

We aim to achieve this through Grand Resource Factory, our parent brand, and two subsidiary brands Hamara Angels and Sara.

We live and breathe the following values:

  • Governance - Extemporise accountability with disciplined and transparent best practises
  • Resourcefulness - Garner skill acumen and competency to solution-oriented proficiency
  • Faithfulness - Inculcate integrity, warmth and pride in service with consistency, care and trust